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Primetics: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Primetics: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Leigh Roberts, General Manager at Primetics, wrote the following article in Cultivate Magazine for Cultura Technologies. In the article, Leigh discusses the company’s journey from its humble beginnings in Chorley to its present and future as Primetics, an agribusiness software company operating across the UK and North America.

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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Over more than 40 years, Primetics has grown to become the UK’s leading provider of Agribusiness and Commodity Trading software. Everything we do at Primetics is guided by our mission and values to ensure that we run a company that people want to work for and work with. Read more about our mission and values below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership with agribusinesses to support them in feeding the nation.

At Primetics, we provide our customers with innovative software solutions that play critical roles in the food supply chain. We combine our years of industry knowledge with our passion for the agricultural industry to solve challenges and develop solutions. With our systems controlling over 70% of UK Harvest and 60% of Seed production, our dedicated teams of experts continue to deliver daily value by making our customers more successful through reduced costs and increased efficiency. We are fully committed to our mission and strive to continue providing excellent service to our customers while adding value to their businesses.

Our Values

Our values shape our company and ensure that we continue to operate in a way that best allows us to execute our mission. Our values are:

  • Be One – We are one, a close-knit team of strong, like-minded individuals who are all united by a clear common mission that we never lose sight of. Our collaborations are a team effort that combine the voices of many industry experts to ensure that all voices are heard and considered. This allows us to collaborate effectively and continue to provide industry-leading software solutions that serve the needs of our customers.
  • Be You – We are open and honest, and we encourage our people to be their authentic selves. We recognise that successful businesses rely on a successful workforce, so we invest in our people who can chart their own career paths, allowing them to reach their full potential. With an authentic and united team, Primetics can continue to provide industry-leading solutions that benefit our customers. 
  • Be Empowered – We work in a trusted environment where each team member is empowered to have their own voice. Our team has the freedom to make their own decisions and take personal responsibility for keeping promises to other team members as well as our customers. Our customers regard us as a reliable and knowledgeable partner.
  • Be Proud – We are proud to play a role in developing the agricultural industry for the benefit of all involved. Customer collaboration is crucial, and so we focus on building relationships for life with our customers. We know that by getting to know our customers, we can help to make their lives easier and produce work that the entire team takes enormous pride in. 
  • Be Innovative – We are constantly evolving and growing by embracing new technologies and remaining committed to research and innovation. We work openly with our customers to understand their needs and how our software solutions can help them. We also recognise that great teams are essential to innovation, so we invest in our people to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality, cutting-edge solutions.

If you feel that our values are aligned with your own and think that there is potential for us to work together, get in touch with us now on 01257 279 811 or at primetics@culturatech.com

How Primetics Boosts Profitability

How Primetics Boosts Profitability

Not only does Primetics software help you with your business organisation, reporting and operations: it has also been designed to make your business as profitable as possible.

We have created a whole range of features based on the needs and requirements of agribusinesses, which help make companies and businesses more efficient and in turn boost profits. Our solutions are tailored to individual areas such as grain, feed, milling and malting to help drive profitability for all types of agribusiness.

Effective Use of Accurate Data

By collecting and effectively processing relevant data, you know the quality and quantity of the crops being delivered to your processor. This can help you to carry out proactive management to boost profits. The data is in real-time, with information displayed in a clear and concise manner, so you can respond quickly to changing circumstances. Comprehensive reports allow you to make informed business decisions.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Our agribusiness software allows you to manage all of your finances in one place. The integrated solution includes electronic sales, invoicing, fixed asset management and more. This means you have ultimate cost control and can use the information at your disposal to maximise your profit margins.

Efficient Contract Management

Maintaining an overview of all of your sales and purchase contracts, including details on renewal dates and renewing negotiations, allows you to stay on top of your contracts at all times. This facilitates the negotiation of successful and profitable contracts for you and allows you to prepare for renewals well in advance, ensuring your income stream. You never miss a contract coming to an end and risk the customer going elsewhere.

Practical Inventory Functionalities

Whether you deal with feed or grain, Gold can capably and effectively aid the management of all types of commodities. You can monitor your current inventory in real time, keeping track of quantities, locations, deliveries and even stock qualities. Complete traceability is also ensured thanks to the barcode system. All of this information helps with effective sales and marketing, as well as increased efficiency in your mill or warehouse. You’ll know exactly where specific lots are when you need them, as well as what has and hasn’t been dispatched. The combined advantages of all these aspects lead to maximum profitability.

Optimised Procurement Processes

Primetics software supports and improves procurement, with exacting stock control functionalities that clearly show current stocks and upcoming procurement needs. This helps to avoid expensive downtime, particularly for animal feed mills, and makes sure your orders are just-in-time, for optimum profitability.

Supporting Trading Strategy

Our software also offers key advantages when it comes to grain trading. The real-time information it provides helps you to analyse your trade position, supply and demand areas, and opportunities and risks. This enables you to conduct profitable transactions for growing your business.

If you would like to learn more about how Gold Feed, Gold Grain, or one of our other software solutions could make your business more profitable, then please get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1257 279 811 or send an email to primetics@culturatech.com.

GAFT Charity Bike Tour Almost Over

GAFT Charity Bike Tour Almost Over

gaft charity bike ride

The Grain & Feed Tour Charity Bike Ride 2018 began on 19th June and is now in its final few days. The relay race has covered the whole of the UK, as participants from the farming industry have cycled different legs of the tour to raise money for the Farming Community Network, which helps farmers and their families in tough times. With our parts of the relay now out of the way, we are now looking forward to seeing how much money is raised for the charity and the impact that it will have.


Our People are our experts

Our People are our experts

Growing and developing our people is just as important as growing our business…

Primetics is a team full of talent and passion, we’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and everyone contributes to our success. One of the key focuses throughout Primetics and the wider group Primetics sits within, is growth, in particular how our team evolves together, and as individuals. In terms of the group:


Our Updated Customer Portal

Our Updated Customer Portal

We recently launched our improved customer portal and we’re delighted to see users engaging with it already. We have worked hard to create a revamped portal that offers improved support, usability and added value. Whichever Primetics product you use—Gold, KIT or Generation—there is a dedicated area devoted to support and information for each specific software package. There are also some great new features that will benefit all of our customers.