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10 Reasons You Need Feed Management Software

10 Reasons You Need Feed Management Software

A Feed Management Software, such as Gold Feed, can be extremely beneficial to your operation by maximizing production efficiency and productivity through a centralised system that holds all your important data in one place. This isn’t it though, there are many other reasons that feed management software is the way forward. Here are 10 reasons you need a feed management software in your business, like Gold.

1. Improve Mill Performance

Custom formulas often account for a major portion of animal feed orders. This means that livestock and animal feed management and formulations professionals must strike a balance between making the most of mill production time and efficiencies in transport, while also precisely creating the right amount of specific rations for each customer at the right time.

Gold Feed uses cutting-edge technology to help you track performance and increase mill productivity by utilising precise, real-time production data from Mill Process Control. To get beyond the limitations of on-site storage, our feed management software can also plan just-in-time supplies of raw materials to your mill.

2. Centralised Management of All Processes

Maintaining production throughout is a continuous challenge, as all mill managers are aware, otherwise the competitor will gain an advantage should there be interruption or poor quality output. Not to mention the fact that if production ceases, your profitability ceases as well. You can help reduce production disruptions to a minimum with Gold Feed’s visibility and control on key production elements like supply of raw materials, available inventory, and forward orders visibility. An effective workflow system allows you to see and control all your production processes in one location, allowing you to spot any possible problems early on. You can also use one platform to confirm and trigger orders, as well as monitor ingredient use, production volumes, labelling, shipping, and more.

3. Multi-location Capabilities

Whether your feed business operates across single or multiple sites, the configurability of our feed management software means that it can meet these business requirements of local or centralised sales order processing and purchasing. The multi-mill functionality of Gold Feed provides stock control and visibility of raw material requirement consolidated across locations or at individual locations allowing you to see the entire process clearly and with full visibility.

4. Improved Procurement Accuracy

Accuracy is critical for any organisation. It ensures your orders are correct and preserves a strong reputation which builds positive customer relationships. Gold Feed can break down feed orders into the specific ingredients required for production in a simple and straightforward manner. This information is then automatically provided to the purchasing department, allowing for the efficient sourcing of raw materials.

5. Improved Operational Efficiency

Feed management software automates many of the processes involved in animal feed management such as contract management, inventory control, loading and unloading, and much more. Automating these processes reduces the time spent on these tasks while maximising accuracy. This means your overall operational efficiency is increased. For example, recorded feed formulas are available, to provide production plans and raw material breakdown, saving time and effort in the production process.

6. Total Traceability

Producers of feed must guarantee that they adhere to all food safety and traceability regulations. The feed industry’s continuously evolving and increasingly rigorous requirements, for all management and control systems, are embraced and accommodated by our feed management software, Gold Feed. Gold Feed includes tools for managing and proving additive and micro ingredient compliance and collaborating with producers, nutritionists, and customers. You can obtain complete traceability for all controlled or licenced substances by tracking which batches of feed are affected, even after they have been supplied to the customer.

7. Reduced Administration

With so much data to manage, such as individual customer orders and maintaining the proper nutritional declaration, reducing time on administration allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Real-time product movements are captured through Gold Feed’s interface with process control applications and weighbridges, immediately decreasing the amount of manual administration and data entry required.

8. Improved Communication

Effective communication is critical in an industry where the supply of product can often be on a just in time basis and needs to meet with key nutritional requirements. With Gold Feed’s built-in customer relationship management, you can strengthen your relationships with suppliers and customers by having quick access to reliable, centralised data. With Gold Feed’s user-configurable segmentation and classification of customers and suppliers, it is possible to maintain clear and effective communication.

9. Storage and Shipping Support

Primetics software helps you to successfully manage the storage and transportation of your raw materials and feed, after it has been produced. With Gold Feed, you can keep track of what stock you have and where it is was sourced and then delivered. This ensures you have traceability while also streamlining your operations to help your feed mill run more efficiently.

10. Configurability

Your feed business is unique and has its own way of operating. At Primetics, we know this and make our software configurable so that you can adapt it to suit your mill and how it functions. This enables you to get the most out of our software and be as productive and profitable as possible. What’s more, the software is extremely user-friendly, making it even easier for you to adapt to change, all while managing your agribusiness, maximising margins, improving customer experience, and reducing costs.

If you recognise the benefits of a feed management software, such as Gold Feed, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at primetics@culturatech.com.

How Software Supports Feed Management

How Software Supports Feed Management

There are many different aspects involved in feed management, and balancing all of them is one of the major challenges for a feed producer. From ingredients and stock management to food safety legislation, traceability and labelling, there’s a lot to consider and oversee. This is where ERP software specific to the feed industry is key to success. It allows you to manage and monitor all aspects in one place, meaning you can stay on top of all areas of feed management and run a streamlined, profitable feed business.

Ingredients management

In Primetics Gold Feed you can optimise all aspects of feed management, starting with the raw material planning for new feed mixes. The software allows you to track ingredients and stock levels at all times, so that you always have the right ones available and in place. In this way, our software helps improve your procurement processes by facilitating just-in-time purchases.

You can monitor ingredients along the whole production process, including the capability to trace of ingredients all the way from first-stage processing to remanufacturing.

Storage and shipping support

After the production stage, Primetics software allows you to effectively manage the storage and shipping of your feed. With Gold Feed, you can constantly maintain a clear overview of what stock you have and where it is located. This again helps to ensure traceability, as well as streamlining your operations to help your feed mill run better.

Legal compliance

As well as all of the practicalities of feed management, as a feed producer you of course also need to ensure you are compliant with all the relevant legislation on food safety and traceability etc. Gold Feed helps here by providing functionalities that enable you to manage and evidence chemical compliance, including working with your growers and consultants. For example, you can print off feed label declarations to aid with legal compliance, as well as barcodes for multi-feed scanning and then direct scanning into your business system. These functionalities, as well as having all information in one centralised location, assist feed businesses with both legal compliance itself and with providing evidence.


It goes without saying that every feed business is different and has its own way of working. Because of this, Primetics has made its software fully configurable so that you can adapt it to suit your mill and how it functions. This enables you to get the most out of the software and be as profitable as possible. What’s more, the software has been designed to be very user-friendly, making it even easier for you to manage your agribusiness, maximise margins, enhance customer experience and improve cost management.

For more information on how Gold Feed could help make your feed business even more successful, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1257 279 811 or send us an email at primetics@culturatech.com.

How to effectively manage live cargo transportation information from loading through to delivery

How to effectively manage live cargo transportation information from loading through to delivery

The safe delivery of any commodity or cargo is of course paramount. You need to ensure that you always know where your cargo is at any one time, which haulier is transporting it, and all other real-time data. This can be easily achieved with Primetics Gold, which offers live visibility throughout the entire logistics process – giving you peace of mind.