Animal Feed Software

Our animal feed software management system is a specialist end-to-end feed solution that successfully monitors and maximises mill performance. Our Gold Feed management software solutions help to support your complex milling solutions, delivering success.

Animal Feed Software

How Our Gold Animal Feed Software Can Help Feed Your Business

A large proportion of animal feed orders are made to custom formulas tailored for individual customer needs. This means livestock animal feed management and formulation professionals need to achieve a balance between making the best use of mill production time and producing precisely the correct nutritional mix for that particular customer, exactly when they need it.

Contracting, purchasing processes and efficient stock control all have critical parts to play in protecting margins and providing the customer with the best possible value.

Improved Service

Animal feed software improves the service that you provide to your customers with on-time delivery of products, as well as advice about on-road account information access for your sales colleagues. 

Total Traceability

 You have the ability to obtain total traceability for every controlled or licensed substance . Track precisely which batches of feed are affected even once they have been supplied to the customer. 

Break Down Orders

Break down feed orders, into the individual ingredients needed for manufacture. This information is automatically sent to the purchasing department so raw materials can be sourced efficiently. 

Production Efficiency

Your production efficiency is greatly improved as recorded feed formulations are visible straight away for repeat production runs, saving your staff time and effort on repetitive tasks.

Ongoing Contracts

Manage ongoing purchase and supply contracts within a single system to even out price variations over time. This helps to reduce risk to margins and creates transparency for the customer. 

Just-In-Time Deliveries

Our specialist Gold Feed software allows your business to schedule just-in-time deliveries of raw materials to your mill in order to combat the constraints of on-site storage. 

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