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Growing and developing our people is just as important as growing our business…

Primetics is a team full of talent and passion, we’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and everyone contributes to our success. One of the key focuses throughout Primetics and the wider group Primetics sits within, is growth, in particular how our team evolves together, and as individuals. In terms of the group:

  • Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) is the head of the portfolio and is focused on rapid growth through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth
  • Volaris is one of six operating groups with CSI and focuses on helping companies within its group to grow and improve
  • Cultura Technologies is the Agri-Food group within Volaris, and the focus again is to acquire, strengthen, and grow
  • Primetics sits as a business unit within Cultura, we focus on helping our customers and our staff to grow

It all sounds a bit complicated but as with any large, global group of businesses, there are always going to be layers to the structure. However, what is not complicated is the fact that no matter where in the structure the business sits or indeed the teams sit, we are all focused on growth. We all share and embrace a number of established beliefs, one is that our people are central to everything we do, as are our customers.

At Primetics, we are no different to any of the other businesses, we believe that as a team our people create great software solutions, and the entire team contributes towards the success of our software solutions. We could call them ‘employees’ but at Primetics we operate as an entrepreneurial business and see ourselves as one big family, we all contribute, and quite frankly we prefer ‘team members’. So our team are all given the opportunity at all times to grow themselves, not just help grow our business and our customers businesses. At the start of each year, staff shape their own personal development plan and are enabled with a training budget, and the continuous review of both is encouraged throughout the year. Developing our individual team players as well as each team, and the whole team together is a huge focus for everyone, not just the management team.


Well, we could be here for some time but in a nutshell, our people are our experts. They have the industry knowledge, the skills for their respective roles, they understand our culture, and so much more. Not only do we believe in growing our team members and promoting from within, we believe that this adds to the individual feeling they are valued and also to wider team recognition that our people are valued. We encourage the team to grow and by promoting from within, we are rewarding good work and loyalty, which ties into our dedication to supporting career paths and to staff retention. All of these things are vital when you firmly believe, as we do, that your people are your experts. To highlight a few real-life examples, recently we have celebrated the following promotions:

  • Phill Berry has become Support Team Leader
  • James Andrew is now a Consultant
  • Daniel Mount is now Product Manager

In terms of staff retention, it’s also worth mentioning another proud moment for us at Primetics, as we celebrated in June 2018, the 20 year work anniversaries (yes 20 years), for Simon Williams and Paul Bibby.

Talent Reviews, take place once a year and we take the time to look at each individual staff member, discuss their talents, room for improvements, opportunities for them, and most importantly, how we support them to grow. Not only do we look for our star players but also, our up and coming stars, and what resources and freedom they need to develop their skillsets. Individual growth supports the growth of the wider team, and indeed of our business.

The team know what they are responsible for, they understand their team members and have positive relationships with them, and they also understand where we are going as a business and what is expected of them. Combined with their expertise, growing our team and promoting from within, is a vital part of the Primetics strategy and something which we firmly believe in.