Commodity Trading System

Commodity trading System, KIT provides one central data source, together with a real-time view of the business to facilitate increased efficiencies and effectiveness, taking away the manual tasks such as updating spreadsheets, allowing staff to concentrate on core business activities. Used by traders, brokers, distributors and procurement organisations around the world to manage a wide range of commodities including Grains, Pulses, Metals and Petrochemicals. 

How Our KIT Commodity Trading System Can Help Your Business

Facing complex processes and working with narrow margins, Commodity Trading companies need to be able to make timely decisions based on accurate data using Primetics’ commodity trading system, KIT. Firms have to be ready to act quickly, whilst still being able to plan accurately.

For Commodity Traders with manual and complex processes, a CTRM system can play a key part in helping execute processes efficiently, reduce risk and help raise profitability.

Profitable Trading

Profitably trade and manage commodities between buyers and sellers while managing the detailed pricing, quality specifications and terms against each individual contract. 

Trade Positions

Provide access to up-to-date trade position to assist in managing business risk. 

Credit Limits

Report separately on trade and credit limits as contracts are recorded and before goods are shipped. 

Trade Related Costs

Effectively manage trade-related costs throughout the contract lifecycle. 

Manage Shipments

Manage the arrangement of shipments of product end to end with the associated documentation required at each stage. 

Customer Service

Provide high levels of customer service and responsiveness.