Malt Software

In addition to the proven and extremely capable business management functionality that you can expect to receive as standard from this market-leading Gold malt software, Primetics solutions provide the specialist support required to meet the unique customer demands faced by malt producers and suppliers.

How Our Gold Malt Software Can Help Your Business

Malt production is one of the oldest production processes and relies on the prowess of extremely skilled Master Maltsters. They have the eye, the nose and the know-how to create a final product with just the right colour and aroma, along with a whole host of other properties that are vital to the brewery or distillery it ends up supplying.

Raw Material Stocks

Our malt software can monitor and manage raw material stocks with an  in-depth overview of quantities, grades and locations from the instant a shipment enters your supply chain. 

Manage Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with customer-defined parameters and tolerances with extensive sampling and testing capabilities, in order to deliver a product that meets your customer’s exact specifications. 

Utilise Feedback

Utilise real-time feedback throughout the manufacturing procedure to meet decisions on any adjustments that may be required, with our specialist malt software.

Raw Material Origin

Ensure that the origin of raw materials is fully traceable, right to the precise farm and field, creating confidence in the quality of products that are being supplied directly to the human food chain. 

Consistent Products

Malting software assures and certifies a consistent product for regular orders, with detailed records of each production process to aid quickly achieving a reliable output that can be repeated. 

Optimised Efficiency

Optimise the efficiency of your facility with detailed work instructions for each product specification, to aid with planning and to support the Master Maltster in achieving the end product required. 


Maintain long-term relationships with raw material suppliers to retain an overview of the availability by grade for just-in-time delivery. 

Streamline Dispatch

Streamline dispatch with Gold’s capability to provide automatic quality and delivery information alongside the dispatch note, including legislative export documentation. 

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