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December 08, 2021 | Company News, Gold, Grain, News

testimonial - north herts farmers

Interviewing: Marie Handscombe, Quality Manager @ North Herts Farmers

Interviewers: Amy Doherty, Marketing Manager & Oliver Longworth, Marketing Assistant @ Primetics

North Herts Farmers is a grain merchant in the English county of Hertfordshire. North Herts is the purchasing arm that most farm businesses will never have; we buy and sell grain, no two days are alike in our business, and we are always working to ensure our business runs efficiently within our close-knit team.

We have been working with Primetics now for just over 6 years, using Gold as our primary software.

Why Primetics?

We discovered Primetics while researching grain management software. We were looking for software that would support our business in the long term, and through our research, we discovered that you have a great background, which is what people want and you would continue to support us through our journey. You also work with people that we deal with too which was great to see.

“Primetics developed Sample Import just for us, and it has proven to be our most useful tool.

Before we implemented the sample import tool, we spent hours each day manually importing samples. During peak seasons, such as harvest, it could take an entire day to import every single lab report, but we can now complete the procedure in less than ten minutes. There are elements such as this that save us a lot of time and others that can be lengthy, though for good reason. As a grain business, you must provide a high level of traceability, which Gold’s features enable us to do with a particularly high level of detail. To evaluate farm assurance, I utilise profile set up. Personally, I find that I use the tool differently than other users in our office, but it provides the flexibility to drill into different screens and get to the information you require.

“Gold is greatly beneficial to our grain business and handles the demands of the grain industry very well.”

Nonetheless, Primetics continues to enhance their software, and some developments in recent years have made a significant difference. For example, we found the customer database procedure to be quite time-consuming, but newly developed features such as an email button have significantly streamlined the process. Overall, we believe that Gold is highly beneficial.

We wish to continue on our current path and keep improving. Gold certainly saves time in certain aspects of the business, and we hope it will continue to grow with us and continue developing new capabilities that will make our future business procedures easier.

“We recently had a change of account management and are very pleased with our current team.”

Overall, when members of the support team are contacted directly, problems are resolved quickly. Simon is fantastic, and because of his extensive system knowledge, he provides us with a lot of support.

We feel that Ray and Rich take a proactive approach to maintaining contact with us and are always available when we need them. We find that processes are moving considerably faster with our new team. We can call and discuss difficulties we face as a business with them, and the team have a hands-on approach to supporting us. Ray was heavily involved with the bespoke Sample Import tool and was sure to put a strong emphasis on moving it forward within the business, whilst still maintaining a high quality of work.

“Primetics is a leading software company in the grain sector.”

Primetics is well backed and has a solid background, which is exactly what traders want. We often see other businesses failing after a few years, but due to your solid background you haven’t.

This is significant to us because it allows clients to grow and develop with you rather than having to start the process all over again with a new business and software product.

I already recommend Primetics, mostly because your software does everything we need it to do. At North Herts Farmers, we utilise Gold on a simpler level, however if other Grain Traders needed to use the software in more depth, it is more than capable to accommodate this. Users of the software can add addons that are specific to their business needs, making Gold an ideal piece of software.

“We attended the Primetics User Groups before Covid-19 because we found them important and beneficial.”

The user groups allow you to learn about what other people are doing within the industry and it’s great to network with other customers. While most attendees share similar perspectives, the sessions provided excellent opportunities to talk with fellow Gold users, brainstorm, exchange ideas, frustrations, and work toward resolutions. At North Herts Farmers we find the user groups very useful, and we hope in 2022 they make a return.

A huge thank you to Marie Handscombe, at North Herts Farmers for carrying out a company testimonial with us, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our customers and are always happy to hear the great feedback!

If you would like to talk to us about how our software could support your Grain business, please do get in touch.

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