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We recently launched our improved customer portal and we’re delighted to see users engaging with it already. We have worked hard to create a revamped portal that offers improved support, usability and added value. Whichever Primetics product you use—Gold, KIT or Generation—there is a dedicated area devoted to support and information for each specific software package. There are also some great new features that will benefit all of our customers.

A new look

The first big thing customers will probably notice about the customer portal is the new look! We have tried to create an interface that is well laid out and easy to use so that you can find your way around and get the information and support you need quickly and efficiently.

Innovation portal

One big beneficial feature of the customer portal is the new innovation portal that users can access. The innovation area is key for vital customer collaboration with regards to the future development roadmap for all 3 solutions. Accessible from within the customer portal, users can log ideas for future development from small features that would add value to your business, to large scale developments that would have a big impact. There’s no such thing as a bad idea and all ideas are welcome. Plus, there is an opportunity for others to vote on your idea, and indeed for you to vote on ideas from others, helping to demonstrate an understanding of how many users are interested in a particular suggestion. This encourages collaboration across our valued customer base and helps to ensure that developments added to the roadmap are going to have maximum benefit for the majority of users. Often the best ideas are sparked through discussion and hopefully, the ability to comment and vote will enable users to have these discussions. Ensuring that we are tailoring the software towards our customer’s needs is a vital part of our development strategy, and opening this resource to all customers allows us to have a central point to gather and assess all ideas.

Support dashboard & logging cases online

The support dashboard provides customers with a view of all of their support cases and their status, ensuring that you have an up-to-date picture at all times. From the moment you log a support case, you can track what is happening with it. Plus, by logging a case directly in the portal, it ensures that the whole team can access it, which means it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, rather than sending it to an individual who could possibly be in a meeting or in training, for example. This helps us to support you as quickly as possible in using your software and ensures you always get the most out of it. We also want to keep you informed at all times, as customer experience is very important to us.

Knowledge Base & Release Notes

Each solution (Gold, Generation, KIT/GP) now has its own specific area within the solution from which release notes can be accessed. In addition, there is now a searchable knowledge base to ensure that you can look for answers to your queries. We’re committed to building this new knowledge base and as well as staff adding to it: we welcome any ideas for topics to cover or useful notes that we could add for you.

With plans to continue to update the customer portal and ensure that it is a valuable tool for all users, we would positively encourage any users without a current login to request one from the support team. Email primetics-cs@culturatech.com today for your username and password. In addition and as always, we welcome any feedback on the new look portal, and any future updates that customers might find useful: please share your thoughts with a member of the team. Here at Primetics, we are dedicated to making our customer experience even better and we’re always thinking about ways to make improvements and enhancements for our valued customers.