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We’re delighted to share that our two recent customer user groups proved to be a great success. We had a number of customers that attended each of the groups and both had great levels of engagement, with customers asking lots of questions. During the sessions, one in Crewe on Tuesday 17th April 2018 and one in Cambridge on Thursday 19th April 2018, we really enjoyed sharing our news and developments with customers, and the response was fantastic. We’ve had some great feedback from customers and our team certainly enjoyed the day too.

Company updates

First of all, we shared our new purpose and values with users. These principles guide what we do, so we felt it was important to communicate these to our customers. You can read more about our purpose and values here.

New software features

At the user groups, we were really excited to give a demonstration of our new reporting database, PETL, which stands for Primetics Extract Transform and Load—and customers at the group were really enthusiastic about the new possibilities it presents. There was lots of excitement around being able to access a simplified and consolidated view of data. This will users lots of time, as they will not need to navigate through a complicated database. In addition, while reporting is traditionally a very manual and time-consuming process, with PETL, creating reports is quick and easy and once a report is in the system it will automatically update, meaning your info is always current and you save lots of time. One user was eager to tell us about how much easier PETL has made his work thanks to automatically sending key reports to Power BI! We’d like to thank him for his positive feedback – it’s always great to hear how our software solutions are benefiting customers. You can read more about PETL here.

We also talked about future developments, including our development strategy and current plans for this year, which again were met with great excitement. We gave a demo of the updated customer portal at the user group too. As well as a sleek new look and lots of other great features, the revamped portal contains an innovation area where customers will be able to submit development ideas and vote for their favourites. Customers were keen to see how it worked, and we demonstrated how you add an idea and vote for another user’s idea. This is just one of the ways in which we are continuing to ensure that we create software that really meets the needs of our users—and it went down really well at the user groups.

Maximising customer experience

At the user groups, we also spoke about how we are looking to optimise customers’ experiences of both the development phase and actual use of the software, in a number of ways. Firstly, we are increasingly moving to use Agile development. This is a method of developing software that has a high level of customer input and collaboration and uses short development cycles to build and test different software functionalities according to shifting priorities. For more information on this, see our recent blog post Agile Development at Primetics. We have moved towards this method of development as there is an increased customer focus and it presents an even better way of ensuring that our software is the perfect fit for customers’ businesses.

We also covered how we are seeking to further improve customer experience when using the software: by moving towards systems of engagement. This is another topic we also recently wrote a blog post about. While systems of record, which our software is currently based on, handle large amounts of data that are essential for the running of your business, systems of engagement are user-friendly applications that have a focus on customer experience and help us to use the data found in the systems of record. To ensure our users have the best possible experience, we are now going to be developing systems of engagement that can be layered over the top of our existing systems of record, for boosted customer experience.

An Update From Progress

Our software is built using Progress stacks, and we were delighted to have Rupert Mayhew from Progress attend the user groups and tell us more about the innovations going on at the company. It was really interesting to hear about the cutting-edge technology they are delivering to help companies all around the globe develop high-end software.

Networking Opportunities

At both groups, there was plenty of opportunity for networking throughout the day, and we also conducted open floor discussions so that people could share their experiences and ideas for using Primetics software.

Overall, the user groups were really great events which customers have provided great feedback on including gaining lots of useful insights. If you would like to learn more about any of the topics we covered in our user groups, please feel free to contact us on 01257 279811 or email primetics@culturatech.com.