Gold Feed Management Software

Gold Feed is a proven feed management solution that has been widely deployed and used by many UK animal feed manufacturers for over 30 years. Monitor performance and improve mill productivity with accurate, real-time production data. The system is highly configurable to meet requirements of both multiple and single-site feed producers.

Gold Feed Management Software - Diagram

Key Features

Gold Feed has a series of features that aid in production planning, including cross contamination checks at the planning and despatch stages of the process. These features embrace and accommodate the industry’s rapidly evolving and increasingly stringent requirements for all management and control systems whose fundamental functionality is related to production and distribution in the supply chain.

Sales Order

Customer order capture with automated pricing and communications

Raw Material Procurement

Purchase order and contract management with cover enquiry, what if and forecast

Product Traceability

Track source materials throughout your supply chain to end customers

Production Integration

Manage simple blending operations through to complex process control integration

Formulation Management

Utilise formulation control for raw material planning and product labelling


Plan transport and sales on vehicle trips


Manage inventory positions, batch tracking and quality criteria

Prescription Control

Prescription recording and order controls for additive and prescribed product

Feed Label Declaration

Despatch note feed labels with statutory declaration

Gold Feed Modules

Each feed manufacturing business presents its own set of distinct challenges. At Primetics, we provide a series of ‘modules,’ or add-ons, that enhance the capabilities of your Gold Feed software to meet the particular demands of your business. Take a look at a few of the modules we provide and contact us to learn more about those we believe could be a good fit alongside your Gold Feed software.


A fully integrated solution that provides efficient electronic handling of all the business-critical documents that your business manages. Save your business money, time and space with DocStore.

Document Transmission Preferences

Document Transmission Preferences (DTP) transforms the way information is made available to your customers. It also allows you to brand documents on a product or site-specific basis so that customer facing documents reflect your business identity.


Web CRM consolidates all of your important customer and prospect data from various Primetics systems into a single, unified view. It enables your business to fully understand and manage its most important partnerships.


Workflow provides a valuable workflow capability for delivering warnings, messages, controls, reporting, and process exceptions. Important activity in your organisation can be controlled and improved with fast and efficient event triggers related to your data entry points, minimising risks and costly errors with the need for retrospective enquiry.

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