KIT Commodity Trading Software

KIT Commodity Trading Software, built on Microsoft Dynamics GP and designed with the complexity and diversities of commodity trading in mind, allows you to successfully manage the entire business process cycle in one centralised system.

KIT Commodity Software - Diagram

Key Features

KIT Commodity Trading software serves clients across the Agriculture & Food, Metals, Minerals, Energy, Softs and Speciality commodity groups to manage a wide range of commodities including grains, pulses, metals, minerals, and petrochemicals.

It hosts a number of features that allow users to deal in the complete business cycle from grower/producer to final customer/consumer.

Contract Splitting

Allowing flexible delivery over a time span. Will automatically create specified number of splits based on tonnage or delivery period

Reduce Data Entry Effort

Record back to back contracts on entry. Create highly configurable contract templates. Both these features will significantly reduce keying times

Smart Lists

Create your own reports from the standard set and add your own favourites. Simply export the data to excel and carry out further manipulation of the reports

System Wide Notes

Notes containing images, text, spreadsheets, documents can be attached throughout the system to provide additional information, act as reminders, or store third party information

Full Contract History

From the creation of the contract, through the movement and arrival of goods to the final invoicing can all be viewed in the contract history


Access can be as simple or complicated as required. From division/department level through to individual access to specific menu options/windows

Slice & Dice Data

Simple integration with data visualiser tools like Power BI and SAP. Create sales charts, inventory updates etc and display on your home screen


KIT has the option of recording Vessel Nomination and chartering information

Position Reporting

KIT provides reports with the up-to-date trade position to assist in managing business risk

KIT Modules

Every business and industry presents its own set of distinct challenges. At Primetics, we provide a series of ‘modules,’ or add-ons, that enhance the capabilities of your KIT software to meet the particular demands of your business. Take a look at a few of the modules we provide and contact us to learn more about those we believe could be a good fit alongside your KIT software.

Futures and Hedging

This module can be used as a standalone item or integrated with the physical contracts and is used to hedge risk.  The system allows multiple Futures Markets to be recorded and both Position and Valuation information are available via enquiry and reporting options for each market and commodity trade.


This module allows the user to optionally manage third party inventory held within the company’s facility or alternatively to manage the company’s inventory when it is held in a third party owned facility. It will automatically calculate and apply charges applicable to the servicing of the commodity ( packing, stuffing, drying or cleaning,) back to the owner.

What Our Customers Are Saying

A* service as always. Keep up the great work.

The KIT team at Primetics are great people to deal with.

The support we receive from our dedicated KIT team is excellent.