KIT, the end-to-end Commodity Trading Solution that enables you to successfully manage the complete business cycle from grower to consumer in one system.

KIT, the end-to-end Commodity Trading Solution that enables you to successfully manage the complete business cycle from grower to consumer in one system.

KIT Commodity Trading Software

Commodity trading often comprises a variety of complex and diverse scenarios and our software has been designed to assist in managing these daily complexities. The KIT solution offers:

  • Complete contract management
  • Position & Risk management
  • Integration with financial management
  • Management of costs
  • Stock Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Shipping & Logistics Management.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP and developed with the complexities and diversities of commodity trading in mind, KIT Commodity Trading Software enables you to successfully manage the complete business process cycle from grower to consumer in one centralized system. KIT provides full control to effectively conclude all contracts, boost margins, and provide organizations with the tools to achieve their operational goals for successful trading.

Our end-to-end solution provides full control and helps with boosting margins and profits, resulting in successful trading and business growth


KIT: Commodity Trading Software

Complete Business Cycle Management

KIT will enable you to manage a successful business process from start to finish, starting with the grower or producer and working right through to your final customers and consumers. This is all within one centralised system, which accounts for the different factors within a complex trading environment, enabling you to in order to help maximise your profits.

Effective Risk Management

KIT gives you real-time and up-to-date access to your trade position data, giving you the tools and understanding to enable you to manage risk and plan ahead.  From this, you can make quick informed decisions, which is paramount to the success of commodity trading.

Complete Contract Management

We help make contract management quicker and easier for you. You will benefit from effective contract control for the purchase and sale of your given contracts, renewals, renegotiations and rejections. This also includes the effective trade and credit limit before goods are shipped out.

Central Financial Management

Our commodity trading software is directly connected to Microsoft Dynamics GP, giving you greater control over your financials. It is tailored to help you with the complete financial management of your business from invoices, credit management, stock and multi-currency sales.

Logistics Management

End-to-end tracking is a vital aspect of your business management. KIT provides you with the ability to manage all logistical attributes across multiple methods, giving accurate data on what has been sold, shipped, delivered and more. This will enable you to keep track of all relevant information to every party involved in the supply chain, therefore keeping yourself and your clients informed with up-to-date data and all the associated documentation that may be required.

Flexible Software

KIT has been specifically designed to address the challenges of commodity trading, making sure it is scalable and flexible to all business needs and trading requirements that come with evolving your business over time. Our software can be deployed across multiple sites and integrated with other business solutions in order to meet diverse business needs.

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