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We’re really excited to announce that next month we will be taking part in the Grain & Feed Tour Charity Relay Bike Ride. It is being organised by the UK Regional Grain & Feed Trade Associations to raise money for the Farming Community Network, a voluntary organisation that supports farmers and their families during tough times.

About the event

The event will be a 4,000-mile relay bike ride around the main feed mills, grain stores, ports and supply trade business sites of the UK. It will start in London on 19th June 2018, with participants cycling around 100 miles per day.

All of the UK’s agricultural trade associations (BCFTA, NIGTA, LACCAM, LGFTA, SCTA, HCFTA, NM, AIC, GAFTA), will be getting involved to help support this great cause. And here at Primetics, we have jumped at the opportunity to give back to the farming community by participating in and helping out with the bike ride.

How we’re getting involved

Cultura UK (Primetics’ parent company) is going to be playing an active role in the bike ride: the Primetics office in Chorley and the Cultura office in Ipswich are going to be a stop-off point for riders. We will be providing food and drinks for cyclists, as well as plenty of moral support to help keep everyone going.

And of course, representatives from Cultura, Primetics and Solentra (another Cultura company) will be cycling in the bike ride itself!

We look forward to meeting lots of people from the farming community and doing our bit to make the day a success and raise lots of money and awareness for the Farming Community Network.

About the charity

The Farming Community Network (FCN) supports members of the farming community who are affected by business or financial difficulties, stress, depression or anxiety. It provides help to farmers and their families to resolve their problems and offer emotional support. Working with the Rural Support Northern Ireland (RSNI), Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institute (RSABI), Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute (RABI) the Addington Fund and more, the FCN run a helpline that receives 150 calls per month, as well as helping around 6,000 people each year.

Feeling isolated can antagonise the problems experienced by people in the agriculture industry, which is why we think that the work of the Farming Community Network is so important. As well as raising money for this important cause, events such as the bike ride are a great way to boost the community spirit of the farming industry and bring people together.

How to donate

There is a JustGiving page to raise donations for the bike ride—you can donate here. With a target of £100,000, every little helps towards raising all of the funds!

We can’t wait for 19th June – our preparations are well underway. For updates in the run-up to the Grain & Feed Tour Charity Bike Ride 2018 and on the day itself, follow us on Twitter.

We hope to see you on the cycle track or at one of the Cultura stop-off points.