Gold Agribusiness Management Software

Over the last 40 years, Gold agribusiness management software has been developed in collaboration with industry experts and our specialist customers. It enables your company to monitor, streamline, and improve trading, operational, and business processes.

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Industries Using Gold Agribusiness Management Software

Over the last 40 years, our industry experts have collaborated closely with our specialist customers to ensure that the solutions we produce provide the greatest possible offering to businesses in their respective industries.

Many prominent agri-businesses in the grain, feed, milling, and malting industries use and deploy gold extensively.

Grain Industry


Animal Feed Industry

Animal Feed

Milling Industry


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Key Features

Gold’s feature-rich and user-friendly functionality enables improved business performance by increasing the consistency of quality, reducing risk, and ensuring accuracy. The industry leading solutions hosts a number of features to streamline operations and maximise productivity.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory across multiple sites, locations, and storage areas with full traceability, quality controls, batch tracking, and stock taking.


Achieve total quality management targets and adherence to specification with full testing and sampling capability.

Contract Management

Flexible contract management with multiple line capability. Contract terms, risk types, and templates to suit all types of commodities under contract.


Engagement direct with counterparties through secure web portal to share key transaction data including trades, planned call off, movement, invoice, analysis, documents, and account balances.


Manage your production lifecycle with instructions to produce, management of formula, input, and output tracking and integration to process control, procurement, sales, forecast, and stock control.


Planning and execution for logistics teams using fixings, transport trips, and drawdowns with utilisation of carriers, vehicles, and drivers. Communicate with all stakeholders using email, SMS, and in cab devices.


Generate comprehensive purchase and sales invoices with facilities for purchase and haulage self-billing, pre-payment, pool commitment payments, and interest and credit charges.

Position Management

Trade position management in real-time with drill down to contracts and inventory. Add forecasts and use contract attributes to group and dissect your information.

Customer Management

Provide visibility for all business performed with your prospects, customers, and suppliers, together with mobile web applications for field staff, representatives, and buyer engagement.

Gold Modules

Every business and industry presents its own set of distinct challenges. At Primetics, we provide a series of ‘modules,’ or add-ons, that enhance the capabilities of your Gold software to meet the particular demands of your business. Take a look at a few of the modules we provide and contact us to learn more about those we believe could be a good fit alongside your Gold software.


A fully integrated solution that provides efficient electronic handling of all the business-critical documents that your business manages. Save your business money, time and space with DocStore.

Document Transmission Preferences

Document Transmission Preferences (DTP) transforms the way information is made available to your customers. It also allows you to brand documents on a product or site-specific basis so that customer facing documents reflect your business identity.


Web CRM consolidates all of your important customer and prospect data from various Primetics systems into a single, unified view. It enables your business to fully understand and manage its most important partnerships.


Workflow provides a valuable workflow capability for delivering warnings, messages, controls, reporting, and process exceptions. Important activity in your organisation can be controlled and improved with fast and efficient event triggers related to your data entry points, minimising risks and costly errors with the need for retrospective enquiry.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Within Gold, we value the level of detail the most because of the information it provides.

The software is stable and reliable.

The features we value the most in our Feed business are transportation, sales, buy menus, and the ability to export to spreadsheets and import data.

The ability to prevent matching of non-assured goods to assured homes in Gold Grain software is important to our business.

The software is easy to use and understand.

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