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Transform your Agribusiness: Document Transmission Preferences

Transform your Agribusiness: Document Transmission Preferences

Your company has a complicated mix of customers and suppliers, whether it’s big, small, or growing. Giving these consumers and suppliers the relevant information at the right time leads to increased productivity and engagement. When a company has a large amount of document types, such as invoices and orders, the ability to distribute them efficiently is crucial to minimise unnecessary labour, postage, and other resource expenses.

Primetics Document Transmission Preferences (DTP) module is available for integration to our industry leading products Gold and Generation and allows users to transform their agribusiness by allowing them to customise how information is made available to their customers.

Document transmission process without DTP


 The process of document transmission typically begins with a user printing a batch of documents, often containing hundreds of pages. While there are numerous factors that influence the cost of printing, the simple reality is that printing costs money. These costs quickly rack up for a company that produces a lot of documentation.

These printed pages are typically sorted into the various customers and/or suppliers, by hand, to ensure that the correct documents are provided to the appropriate recipients. This can be a time-consuming and arduous process for employees who could be working on other vital business operations that would boost productivity. Manually sorting and classifying papers likewise relies on workers making as few mistakes as possible.

After the documents have been separated, they are stapled and enclosed. Hard copies of documents including printed contracts, order confirmation, goods receipts, dispatch notes, hauler, customer / supplier notification, and invoices are then mailed.

Document transmission process with DTP


With the Document Transmission Preferences module, documents are transferred electronically, immediately saving on the costs of printing hundreds of pages. With real-time, dynamic document branding, the module also supports product-based, and even site-specific branding so that your business can continue to create customer-facing documents that reflect your business identity.

Our Document Transmission Preferences module is also customer-centric, with the capability to customise configurations based on your preferences, ensuring that the way you categorise, schedule, and transmit documents is best suited to your company. Keeping track of several items can consume time that would otherwise be spent on more important business activities. Furthermore, centralised data transmission increases your customer service immediately. Using the Inteletrade web portal, clients can be updated about new documents available on your portal in more direct ways, such as SMS or email notifications, improving the effectiveness of customer communication. This reduces the likelihood of documents being misplaced in their email inbox or lost in the mail.

Document Transmission Preferences allows Gold and Generation users to skip the laborious processes involved in the mailing of documents. Instead, they can transmit single or multiple document attachments per email, as well as execute document merging and include supplementary documents like conditions and agreements.

Catering for numerous recipients guarantees that the right people get the right information at the right time, saving time and effort in discussing a document. Instead of scanning, printing, stapling, wrapping, and posting, you can focus your limited resources and time on other critical aspects of your organisation by automating document transfer.

If you recognise the benefits of the Document Transmission preferences module alongside your existing Gold or Generation software and would like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at primetics@culturatech.com.