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When people think of upgrading software, they automatically think it’s a hassle but it doesn’t need to be. Primetics offer an end-to-end service to do it for you and take away the stress.

Unlike a software update that may fix an issue or two, an upgrade looks to take you to the very latest version of the software, offering significant improvement. As software providers, Primetics always encourage customers to be on the very latest version so that they can take advantage of all of the new functionality and features. It is also a good idea to upgrade regularly to ensure that it doesn’t then become a major job.

Upgrading can help you to:

  • Reduce costs
    The latest version of any software will often fix annoying bugs or glitches in the older version, which will save your staff time and headaches and, in turn, will save you money in the long run
  • Increase productivity
    When any software grows outdated, it can start to cause issues such as being slower and more frustrating, generally, the latest version will always aim to streamline everyday processes to help save time and increase productivity
  • Raise efficiencies
    Improvements and enhancements will normally always be developed to help meet your evolving needs, and as well as improving easy-of-use, will help to raise efficiency levels
  • Boost staff morale
    Staff can become frustrated by old versions of software, noticing it takes them longer to carry out tasks, keeping up-to-date removes headaches for staff and helps to boost morale

Impact of an upgrade service:

At Primetics, we upgrade our solutions to ensure all of the above and more, with the end-users always in mind. We encourage all customers to continue to upgrade our software solutions, to ensure they can maximise their usage of them, and take advantage of any new functionality. We aim to ensure a minimal impact to our customer businesses during upgrade services and can work with customers both onsite and remotely to ensure this. We also give customers the opportunity to select their preferred dates if we are carrying out an upgrade for them, to ensure it does not coincide with a busy period, or key staff holidays, and more. This enables customers to retain control, and they can be safe in the knowledge that our expert team will implement, test and stabilise the latest version before it is released to them and their staff. With this in mind, Primetics agribusiness software is rigorously tested through stringent processes before being released, and this is even more so now that we have recently intensified testing processes even further. Quality is of paramount importance to us at Primetics and we aim to provide a quality solution at all times.

Risks of not upgrading:

All software needs to be upgraded and there are risks if upgrades are not carried out. We would encourage all of our customers to avoid the common pitfalls which arise from not upgrading any software solutions:

  • New, unpredicted or unexpected changes in your environment might not be supported by an older software version, and result in you having to rush to upgrade
  • Obsoleted versions of software may cause delays or incur unforeseen costs
  • Forced upgrades to support new software or other needs might mean you don’t have adequate time for testing, (although we would never encourage this, testing is vital)
  • Support teams might not be able to assist you as quickly, as various updates/patches might not be available to your version

No matter which software you use, upgrading to the latest version can support your business and avoid the various risks. It means you can maximise your usage of the software you have invested in, to the benefit of your business. If you would like to know more about Primetics agribusiness software solutions, or if you’re a Primetics software user and would like to find out more about our upgrade services, call us on 01257 279 811 (ext. 2) or email primetics-cs@culturatech.com