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Primetics are excited to launch the Primetics Extract Transform Load (PETL) product, following collaborations with customers about their reporting requirements. Specifically designed to support customer needs around improved use of business information, PETL will enable Compac Gold and Generation customers to:

  • Access a simplified consolidated view of data so that the users do not need to navigate a complex database structure
  • View data from multiple sources not just our products (e.g. future market prices), in a central place
  • Automatically refresh reporting database for quicker reporting
  • Convert quantities into a consistent unit (e.g. tonnes) for easier reporting on bagged products
  • Use a reporting tool of your choice against an industry-standard database, e.g. PoweBI, Excel
  • Access data from a mobile

The ETL process involves:

  • Extracting data from the system database
  • Transforming the data from multiple tables and data fields into single tables
  • Loading data into the target data warehouse database

Data stored within either Primetics solution is held to reflect Online Transaction Process (OLTP) whereas data warehousing is designed for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) which allows for faster analytics and reporting processing. Users will be able to run more complex analytical queries at the click of a button using both current and historical data, with groups of records as well as individual records. The ETL process dramatically simplifies the structure of data to facilitate running analytical queries. The reporting database can either be hosted on the premise or in the cloud, providing customers with both options.

What does this mean?

PETL takes the masses of data held within either the Compac Gold or Generation system databases, converts it into the optimum format, and transfers it to the data warehouse. Users can then seamlessly integrate with tools like Microsoft PowerBI or Progress Telerik Report Server, to create instant, accurate, and visual reports and dashboards.

The Primetics team have reviewed the market to recommend the two report visualisation applications mentioned above. PowerBI tends to be the preferred choice for a cloud-based data warehouse and Telerik Report Server for those looking for an on-premise solution. Each tool offers its own distinct features and the team will work with users to help decide which is the most suitable and ensure that the reports or dashboards created within these third-party tools can be displayed within Compac Gold or Generation.

How will this support your business?

PETL will provide users with instant access to valuable business information quickly and effectively. This supports valued Primetics customers to not only make better use of the vast amounts of data that they collect but also to make more informed business decisions. PETL will also make sure that data can be visualised without requiring additional support to build reports, and enhances current and future capabilities for data utilisation.

To find out more, please contact the team today on 01257 279 811 or email primetics@culturatech.com.