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The UK’s four leading agricultural charities have announced that they are set to join forces to increase their efforts to help those in need. The new collaborative group, Farming Help, will be made up of The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, its Scottish counterpart, the Royal Scotland Agricultural Benevolent Institution, the Farming Community Network and Addington Fund.

Assembling as a collective will enable resources to be pooled to increase the positive impact that the charities can have on the lives of their service users. The all-new Farming Help aims to become the only place people have to go to receive any kind of support they may need; from financial to pastoral.

About the charities

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

A grant-making charity that provides confidential help to both working and retired farmers who find themselves in financially difficult circumstances.

The charity ensures that support is available to people of all ages and tailors their help to the needs of each individual. Help can include one-off or regular grants, essential household items, funding for disability equipment, care home fees, relief farm staff and even training grants to help develop skills to generate an income from outside the farm.

The Royal Scotland Agricultural Benevolent Institution

This charity provides emotional, practical and financial support in times of crisis.

Emotional support is available through a daily helpline and case officers and volunteers are on hand to help particularly vulnerable individuals. All charity case holders and volunteers are trained in both mental health and first aid practices.

The Farming Community Network

The Farming Community Network (FCN) is a collection of nationwide volunteers from within the world of farming.

FCN operate a helpline to advise those in need as well as a visiting service to further help farmers and their families. Callers will be put in contact with a local team member who will work to provide ongoing support. FCN’s network of volunteers offers both pastoral and practical support for as long is necessary and aim to help shape a positive future for those who find themselves struggling.

Addington Fund

Set up to provide homes for farmers and families who have had to depart their farm, the Addington Fund is there to provide support and help at the most desperate of times.

The charity works to support farms through its Trustees’ Discretionary Fund which provides grants to help families avoid having to leave their farm. When this cannot be avoided, the fund accommodates farm workers with its Affordable Rural Housing Scheme.

The latest move from the four largest agricultural charities in the UK confirms that they stand united in their commitment to supporting farmers and their families. More widely, the announcement signifies a unification of the agricultural industry and a promotion of the values of support and wellbeing within the community.

To contact Farming Help for assistance, you can visit their website or call them on 03000 111 999.