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You have probably heard the term Business Intelligence passed around, this is an umbrella term for visualising and analysing data, and providing valuable insights into your business, giving you a 360 degree view of your business’s data. At Primetics, we can help you to maximise the value that Business Intelligence delivers to your organisation. With PETL (Primetics Extract Transform Load) you take control of your business, providing a simplified, consolidated view of all the important data from across the business operations.

PETL will enable you to make better business decisions by showing present and historical data within its business context. Used effectively, it can even help with compliance and hiring efforts. Just about any aspect of business can be improved through the business intelligence that PETL provides.


  • Quick and easy access to key operational data so that the users to do not need to navigate a complex database structure.
  • Incorporate data from multiple sources not just Gold (e.g. futures market prices or weather feeds) that when used in conjunction with the operational data gives you real insights into the performance of your seed business.
  • Operational data is automatically refreshed in the reporting database for up to date reporting, saving time by eliminating the need for users to manually create data sets for reporting.
  • Built in business logic for translating raw data into meaningful business information, for example, converting weights to units and bags and calculating values so that the appropriate information is automatically available in the form that makes most sense.
  • Use of any industry standard reporting tool to design and render dashboards and reports. This flexibility allows you to select and use an end reporting application that best suits your needs (e.g. PowerBI, Excel).

When it comes to building new reports, the biggest gripe for customers is that it is costly and time consuming, however with the access to a business intelligence tool you can build reports both easily and efficiently due to them being on a PETL database, if you need to update a report you can easily do so without having to create a new one, which eliminates the tedious task of extracting reports.

Due to the data being live, you have the ability to drill into it and find information that is below the surface without huge time and money investments. As an example, you can track your sales rep figures and what sales they have made, any discounts and what else contributes towards their figures.
Having your business data in front of you is a powerful tool, visualising can help you to understand your data better as you can start to decipher it. When you understand your data, you can make better informed decisions. Business decisions are based on information rather than estimation, and with PETL and a BI tool, you have support in making these decisions.

Your business can be transformed with the utilisation of Business Intelligence, the software helps to interpret data with insights, based on facts. If you would like to discuss how Business Intelligence can benefit your business, contact us today on 01257 279 811 or alternatively, email us primetics@culturatech.com