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Systems of record and systems and engagement are two different types of software for running and managing a business. They have slightly different functions and their own distinct advantages. In this article, we look into what the two different systems have to offer and how we at Primetics are looking to combine the two to help your agribusiness be as successful as possible.

What is a system of record?

A system of record is the primary system or database used to run a business. It is the ERP system that you rely on every day. Here at Primetics, our software solutions are systems of record. Such systems are designed to process large amounts of key data and are essential for the long-term management of a company. All information needs to be correct and integrated to ensure consistency. The flipside of all this is that the main function of these systems is data processing rather than user experience. And this is where systems of engagement come in.

What is a system of engagement?

It’s all in the name: a system of engagement is one that is designed to engage the user. Unlike systems of record, systems of engagement are created with user experience in mind. This includes systems for easily viewing key information and for easy communication such as messaging. They can be used on different mobile devices and create additional value and a positive user experience. While with systems of record it can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming to access data, which can lead to user resentment, systems of engagement combat these issues. They give users easier access to data and are focused on tasks and employee and customer engagement. It’s for these reasons that Primetics are looking at moving towards systems of engagement.

Integrating both types of system for the future success of your business

As mentioned, the data processing carried out by systems of record is integral to your business, so these core functionalities will remain and we will continue to develop them. However, we are also going to focus our development efforts on systems of engagement. Systems of record and systems of engagement can work really well together and offer a whole host of advantages thanks to a bilateral exchange of information between the two. We feel it is important that our products move with the times to enable our customers in the agriculture industry to have the best experience and optimum business success. For this reason, we are starting to develop systems of engagement that can work hand in hand with our existing software.

We are seeking to create a 2-tier ERP system that still has a system of record as a base, but develop a system of engagement that can be layered over the top in a fully integrative manner. Adding a system of engagement will allow us to create solutions for improved ease of use, collaboration, customer engagement and more, much more quickly. This will allow employees and customers improved access to the core information stored in the system of record and in turn add value to that system.

We are continually looking for our customers’ input to development and part of our development strategy is to ensure that all enhancements drive value for customer businesses.

If you would like to learn more about how systems of engagement will benefit you and your staff, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01257 279 811 or email primetics@culturatech.com today.