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The safe delivery of any commodity or cargo is of course paramount. You need to ensure that you always know where your cargo is at any one time, which haulier is transporting it, and all other real-time data. This can be easily achieved with Primetics Gold, which offers live visibility throughout the entire logistics process – giving you peace of mind.

Ensure all parties are connected and integrated

The key to smooth transportation where all parties are in the loop is communication. This is where Gold comes in – it ensures that everyone is constantly connected. This is achieved through the seamless integration of a dedicated Transport Web Service and customer and supplier portals, meaning that you don’t have to eat into your valuable time by going out of your way to contact people – you automatically have a clear overview of the current status of the shipment. Real-time information also provides accurate information for all parties, at all times.

Organise documentation efficiently

Another hurdle to the smooth running of feed transportation and logistics can be a large amount of documentation involved – it’s easy to lose track of all the necessary documents and who needs which ones. Primetics Gold is an end-to-end solution that keeps all documentation in one place and provides a clear, easily accessible overview for all involved. If needed, you can also integrate other vital systems so that you don’t need to duplicate data. This saves time, streamlines processes and ensures everything is reliably organised and recorded.

Make things easier for hauliers – and easier for you

As well as the advantages we have already mentioned, there are other opportunities for making the entire logistics processes easier and clearer for hauliers, which in turn benefits you. For example, it is possible to integrate third-party apps such as TomTom into the software, as well as a Google Maps web portal. This allows hauliers to monitor allocated jobs on their mobile and you to allocate tasks to specific vehicles, as well as updates to be sent between the two of you. Gold is a sure-fire way to achieve efficient job management for every single one of your feed shipments.

Enable end-to-end decision making and better cost control

Make sure that you can easily implement your end-to-end decisions to get your feed from the production facility to the destination on time, whilst guaranteeing that the quality of the cargo is maintained. Primetics Gold facilitates this, making sure all relevant information is incorporated, including assurance criteria. You can improve logistical efficiencies and cost control with the effective planning and execution of call-offs and freight bookings, including internal and external carriers, weighbridge integration and haulage billing.

For more information about Primetics solutions for feed transport management, please do not hesitate to call a member of the team on 01257 279 811 or email primetics@culturatech.com.