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Key to driving value throughout agribusinesses are the opportunities to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Better manage financial stability
  • Strengthen data utilisation
  • Enhance deliverability
  • Improve risk management

Technology can support these value drivers to help agribusiness not only reach but exceed their growth goals. Today, technology is being embraced more and more by agribusinesses to help transform processes. The key to enabling the right software is not only ensuring that it is agribusiness focused but also customer-centric and can be configured to your specific needs.

Primetics, and indeed the other businesses within the Cultura Technologies group, pride themselves on being agribusiness specialists who put their customers at the heart of their technology. In 2017 Primetics held strategic interest groups with customers to identify the key drivers mentioned above, that will enable their agribusiness growth. Primetics have responded to these drivers and evolving customer needs by developing specific functionality within the leading Compac Gold agribusiness software solution.

These sophisticated yet easy to use new developments have been directly influenced by Primetics customers and they are excited by the benefits:

  • New reporting and integration tools
    Collating, extracting and manipulating the data you need to make informed and vital decisions, should be quick and effective. New and improved functionality currently being demonstrated to customers with their own data*, enables all this and much more.
  • Improved document storage
    Available as a secure, cloud-based (or server-based option), the improved document storage tool supports customers to ensure staff can access documentation 24/7 from anywhere, whilst supporting their GDPR compliance requirements.
  • New caller ID link
    Caller recognition instantly identifies the customer, their account details, and makes it quick and easy to retrieve previous order details.
  • Additional developments
    Numerous, additional developments have been created, and more are planned for 2018, all with Gold and Generation users involved and always in mind.

Whether you’re an existing Primetics customer looking to find out more about how you further harness Compac Gold to support your growth goals for 2018, or a prospective customer looking to find out more, contact the team today. Call us on 01257 279 811, or email primetics@culturatech.com.

*Primetics only utilise customer data for demonstration purposes with that specific customer and where advanced permission has been granted, contact us for more information. Primetics demonstrations ordinarily utilise dummy data.