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Agriculture is a fast-paced industry, and this especially applies to the grain sector. With the prices of commodities constantly fluctuating, you need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse. What’s more, you need effective, integrated business solutions that keep all of the information you need in one place, to aid your decisions and facilitate successful trade. Here are the main ways in which software can help:

1. Visibility

As a grain trader, you will know quickly grain markets and prices move. This means that accurate, real-time data is key. You need access to instant, centralised position data, including stock levels, market valuation, and forecasting, so that you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Primetics Gold presents you with this information so you can see everything clearly, tracking current and moving grain prices against monthly, quarterly and yearly forecasts. All of this helps you determine the size of an opportunity and quickly judge whether or not you can commit to it. In Gold, placing and processing the subsequent orders is simple and efficient too.

2. Effective contract management

Primetics Gold software enables comprehensive contract control, simply and intuitively including; effective conclusion of grain purchase and sales contracts, and renewals and renegotiations in advance. It supports you to avoid gaps in contracts, missed opportunities, and the headaches that go with these for all stakeholders involved, ensuring effective and successful contract execution.

3. Comprehensive CRM

Whatever industry you are in, when you are making sales, customer relationship management (CRM) is extremely important. As well as helping win new customers and increase customer revenues, aiding the speedier and more efficient closing of deals and creating more opportunities for upselling, it is also key for maintaining and strengthening all your existing customer relationships. Primetics Gold facilitates this with its CRM solutions: you can capture all details of trading history within one central solution. It also has loyalty programs that are simple to set up and manage, meaning it’s easy for you to enhance your customer relationships.

4. Customer activity reports

In addition to this, Gold’s customer activity reports allow you to effectively analyse customer shopping activity. Again, these reports are easy to set up but bring substantial benefits to your business. They can help you to quickly and easily analyse conversion rates, what prompts prospects to buy and what keeps them buying. Then you can get to implementing any changes and optimisations right away. The reports are also an indispensable marketing tool. Armed with the data they provide, you know who to target and when – capture those opportunities before someone else does.

5. Integration

The best way to ensure an effective business is seamless integration – link all of your business systems, including financial solutions, to provide real-time visibility of balances and credit risks. That way you can always have an overview of the bigger picture when trading – so everything you do can be in line with the broader business needs and goals.

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