5 Ways We Can Help You Tackle The Biggest Feed Industry Challenges In 2022

January 17, 2022 | Climate, Feed, Gold

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The animal feed sector has seen instability in recent years as a result of supply-demand challenges, rising commodity costs, and sustainability concerns. Here are five ways Primetics’ feed management software can assist you in addressing some of the difficulties you may face in the coming future.

1.  Increased Demand

The livestock industry is expected to have an additional 2 billion mouths to feed by 2050, meaning the feed industry will face ever-increasing pressure. Production must increase significantly while you ensure your company remains profitable. All of this, in addition to rising commodity prices, supply chain challenges, stringent and changing regulations, and concerns about sustainability, to name a few.

Gold, our feed management software, is a comprehensive end-to-end feed solution that successfully monitors and optimises mill performance while delivering success. In addition to our software’s strong business management capabilities, we have worked with animal feed industry clients over the last 40 years to build tailored management solutions that help you navigate the specific intricacies of your industry. Our software provides you with all of the capabilities you require to handle increased demand and remain profitable.


2.  Financial Management

Financial management is and has always been an important component of any successful business. However, commodity prices in the feed sector have risen because of recovering global economies, rising energy and transportation costs, and global supply chain issues caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Financial management success is more essential than ever before. Our feed management software is a vital part of understanding your overall financial picture. Our bespoke solution provides a view into invoicing, electronic sales, purchase transactions, and multi-currency sales, allowing you to retain tight control over budget expenditure, as well as tighter cost control and overall improved financial management. This way, you can ensure that your profit margins are maximised.


3.  Profitability

Securing profitability is a challenge in the face of an industry lately characterised by rising commodity prices. Our software was created to help you run a more lucrative business. Our software’s accurate, real-time data means that you have all of the information you need at your fingertips. With a comprehensive knowledge of your financial performance, proactive financial management is easier to execute, allowing you to increase company profits.


4.  Sustainability Concerns

Many agribusinesses are growing increasingly concerned about sustainability and efficiency as a result of the UK government’s ambition for the sector to be carbon zero by 2050. The significance of components in animal feed has lately been underlined, as new research reveals a link between feed content and emissions from the livestock that consume it. Feed management software facilitates the breakdown of feed orders in an uncomplicated manner, into the individual ingredients needed for manufacture. This way, you and your clients can ensure the best nutritional mix that may be required to reduce sector emissions.

Brazil is the world’s largest soya producer, exporting beans as feed for factory-farmed chickens, pigs, and cattle all over the world. However, the State of Mato Grosso’s soybean harvests had already destroyed 40% of the state’s Amazon ecosystem by 2010. Thankfully, because of the Amazon Soy Moratorium, deforestation linked to soya has decreased dramatically. However, it was found this year that three of the world’s largest feed businesses purchased soya from Brazil that was tied to illegal deforestation. With increasing environmental concerns, sourcing ingredients from reputable sources is vital. Ensuring you do so is easier thanks to our feed management’s ability to track ingredients through the production process, with the capacity to trace substances from the beginning of the process until manufacturing.


5.  Total Traceability

Traceability of feed is a well-known and important aspect of feed management. Traceability will be a top priority for industry businesses in 2022 as they prepare themselves for specific and evolving customer requirements as well as the numerous regulatory changes of the future.

Gold gives users’ complete traceability for all controlled or permitted substances, allowing them to track which batches of feed are affected even after they’ve been shipped. Your feed company can be confident that all relevant information is recorded thanks to the total traceability provided by our software.

If you’d like to chat with one of our specialists about our feed management software, Gold Feed, and how it might benefit your feed business, please contact us today!

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