How Grain Software Protects Grain Businesses Against Current Industry Challenges

December 14, 2022 | Grain

How Grain Software Protects Grain Businesses Against Current Industry Challenges

The grain industry has long been a volatile one due to many elements outside of traders’ control such as weather, global markets, and fierce competition. These already difficult circumstances have been continually exacerbated in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing conflict in Ukraine, climate pressures, and the Bank of England warning of the risk of recession at the end of the year which continues to pressure grain prices.   

The start of August saw the first grain cargo ship leave Ukraine since the beginning of the war, carrying 26,527 tonnes of maize. This certainly offered a glimmer of hope for the industry. However, the future of such exports relies on the smooth running of the agreement. The same agreement implemented in the midst of a war that shows no sign of ending. Thankfully, Russia extended the agreement for another 120 days back in November but Ukraine is blaming a fall in exports on fewer port checks causing back logs at ports. 

It is therefore paramount, now more than ever, that grain businesses increase the effectiveness and productivity of their business as much as possible, in order to harness every possible opportunity and protect themselves against risk. Specialist grain software, such as Gold Grain, can help in a number of areas and make certain that you are in the best position to face current and future challenges head-on. 


Grain Software Keeps You Compliant

Your grain business collects and manages a large amount of valuable data. For example, such as soil nutrients, precise crop growth locations, how and when you transport crops, where you transport crops to, and all storage conditions, as well as critical lab test results. Grain quality is critical for everyone involved in the grain value chain. This means that your sampling need to be precise to guide management and provide a comprehensive record of all grain that leaves your site.

Our grain software provides improved traceability and audit processes. Laboratory functionality allows for sample analysis during harvest and storage, as well as quality control during intake and dispatch. The centralised data store is easily accessible to all relevant users. This makes it easier than ever to access the data you require. Full compliance has also never been easier than with Gold Grain. It is equipped with functionality designed specifically for the grain industry and its unique regulatory requirements. 


Easily Face Increased Demand with Integration & Automation

2020 saw the lowest production of wheat since 1981. Though production increased by 45% in 2021, ever-growing demand means that grain businesses need to optimise production to produce higher yields amidst world events that continue to impact the industry. 

Reducing downtime, inefficiency, and increasing productivity are critical steps in strengthening your company’s resilience & productivity. Your current system may rely heavily on paper documents, or a collection of disparate spreadsheets stored on different systems. As a result, data collection and sharing is more difficult and time-consuming than it should be. Gold Grain software automates data sharing as well as critical procedures such as receipting and invoicing to significantly reduce admin. 

Our specialised grain software can integrate all systems, from production and storage to transportation. Accurate monitoring of these departments ensures the smooth operation of logistics. It also ensures you avoid unnecessary costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Your company will be more productive, resilient, and capable of meeting demand with fewer errors and admin.


Strengthen Customer Relationships to Secure Recurring Business

You don’t want your grain quality downgraded when the grain takes longer to sell. This, in turn, results in fewer sales and revenue. Making sure you’re connected to the market, the latest trading prices, and your customers means you can capitalise on any and all opportunities. This necessitates excellent customer relationship management and a responsive sales system ensures you can fill orders on time.

Effective customer relationship management can assist in the cultivation of high customer retention, allowing your company to secure recurring revenue and security in the future. A system containing all grain data records will ensure your sales team has easy access to information customers will need when making a purchase decision. With 88% of customers expecting businesses to offer some form of customer portal, you grain business can also benefit from the extended functionality of our customer portal products that provide them with access to the information they need, when they need it. 

Gold Grain software optimises many different aspects of the grain supply chain. In a volatile market facing new and challenging issues regularly, it is essential that your business can capitalise on opportunities. If you would like to know more about how we can help, then please get in touch. 

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