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Businesses in the grain production and trading industry face an enormous variety of challenges, many of which are outside of their control, including the weather and volatile global markets with fierce competition. It is paramount that you make your business as efficient and productive as it possibly can be, supporting you to harness every available opportunity. Specialist grain trading software can help in a number of areas and make certain that you are in the best place to face challenges head-on.


The reliance of grain businesses on the grading system of quality means that full transparency and effective record-keeping during the production process is crucial. Vital and valuable data should be recorded and accessible, such as any nutrients added to the soil, exact crop growth locations, how and when crops have been transported, where they were taken to, and all storage conditions., as well as essential lab test results.

Industry and government regulatory bodies, of course, require all of this information to be retrievable if they need to investigate something about your grain. The improved traceability and enhanced audit processes offered by specialised software will help your business to be fully compliant.

When you have a great yield that receives a high grading, it is important to have the data available in order to recreate it in the future. Specialist software can help make sure that all data is recorded and made accessible to relevant employees and, if applicable, for stakeholders and clients.

A centralised database will allow agribusinesses to see which fields were used, for which crops, and when, assisting in the planning of next year’s production, and ensuring vital crop rotation.

Integration and automation

An essential part of making your business more resilient is to reduce downtime, inefficiency and increase productivity. Speeding up the process of producing and selling your grain can only be a good thing. Your current system may rely heavily on paper records or various, disparate spreadsheets, which makes sourcing and sharing data more complex and time-consuming than it needs to be. Automating data sharing, as well as essential processes like receipting and invoicing, ensures less administration time.

Specialised grain management software can ensure that all systems are integrated, from production to storage to transportation. Accurate monitoring of these departments ensures that logistics run smoothly, unnecessary expenses are avoided, and customer satisfaction is maximised. The reduction of errors and time spent on admin tasks will allow your business to be more efficient, increase resilience, and support more effective processes.

Customer relationship management

As everyone knows, the perishable nature of grain means that once it has been harvested, you are on a time limit to market and sell it. Of course, the longer grain takes to sell, the higher the risk of it being downgraded to lower quality, netting you fewer sales revenue. Ensuring that you are connected to the market, the latest trading prices and your customers means that you can take full advantage of all and any opportunities. This requires excellent customer relationship management and a responsive sales system that ensures that you can meet all orders on time.

Specialised software can make sure that you are connected directly to markets and potential customers. You also have the option of making your inventory and supply network visible to potential customers so that they can easily pick out what they need from your various batches based on location, grade and amount available.

Effective customer relationship management can help cultivate long-term customers who will come back time and time again. A centralised and easily accessible database with records of where grain was stored, grown and any soil additives will make sure that your sales team has easy access to the information that any customers will need when deciding on a purchase.

Primetics grain management solutions could help your business with so many different aspects of grain production. In a volatile world, it is essential that your business can weather any storms and make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. If you would like to know more about how Primetics can help, then please get in touch on 01275 279 811 or email us at primetics@culturatech.com.