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With harvest time now in sight, optimising your grain management now is of the utmost importance. Gold Grain contains lots of features and functionalities to help you be ready for harvest and perfect your grain management in order to maximise profits. We’ve put together a list of the ways in which Primetics software can make your grain trading as successful as possible in the run-up to this important time.

Creating Accurate Forecasts

Being able to anticipate the yield and quality of crops is key to successful grain trading. To start with, you need to consider the seed origination and matching the right seed to the right soil. Gold Grain allows you to collect and analyse seed and soil data so you can produce the best possible crop. Later down the line, you can then input crop sample data to monitor how crops are doing and be able to better estimate the weight, quality and pricing of the harvested crop.

Compiling Quality and Weight Data

Once the crop has been harvested, you need vital information on the weight and quality of the grain. This information needs to be accurate and reliable in order to aid you in trading. Thanks to Gold Grain’s built-in weighbridge feature, you have all the necessary information as soon as the crop has been weighed and are thus able to make shrewd and savvy decisions at the crucial time.

Ensuring Traceability

It goes without saying that in the agriculture industry, the traceability of products is very important. Primetics software allows you to track grains right from the field to the fork. Gold Grain gives you a real-time overview of all the key information, so you know where grains are being grown, transported, stored and sold at all times. This great visibility facilitates end-to-end crop management.

Facilitating Stock Management

As part of this traceability, with our software, you always know exactly where crops are being stored and what your stock levels are. The management of large stores with multiple different areas and different types of inventory, including bulk, bagged and individual items, can be a time consuming and costly process. Our systems help you increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs, whilst allowing you to effectively manage stock position at all times. Some of the core functionalities include:

  • Good receipting – manage receipt of stock to certify delivery and enable invoices to be issued.
  • Essential reporting – produce reports quickly and easily to identify stock levels, stock movement and more.
  • Easy access – powerful interfaces display information in an easy-to-use format, while the mobile app allows quick access to data.
  • Imperative integration – link all systems to share information, to track all stock movement, integration, document storage and more.

If you would like to learn more about how Gold Grain can help you optimise your grain management, then please feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of our team. Call us on 01257 279811 or send us an email at primetics@culturatech.com.