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Your Challenges

Farming is more important and complex than ever. Farmers are constantly under pressure to produce quality crops with the highest possible yields, whilst also keeping in mind the impact on the environment, controlling costs, being ready to adapt rapidly if needed, trying to work as efficiently as possible and trialling new scientific approaches.

Agrochemical distributors are faced with the challenge of ensuring the timely delivery of each individual product to meet the seasonal demands of end customers – which are often unpredictable.


Our Solution

In addition to the proven and extremely capable distribution management functionality that you’d expect from a market-leading platform such as this, a Primetics solution also includes the specialist support you need to satisfy the legislative, environmental and customer demands placed upon a supplier to this particular market.

Create forecasts and plan for product availability in season with premium stock and livestock management and reporting capabilities with agronomy software.

Maximise opportunities for timely delivery of the correct product to your customers with seasonality analysis based order prediction.

Add value with grower-customers by means of a reminder service for time-sensitive “use or return” products.

Track each product easily by a batch number from the instant it enters your supply chain through to each individual customer–complete end-to-end traceability with historical data stored to refer back to in the future.

Manage complicated customer pricing and rebate schemes, all in one system.

Manage legal documents that are required for the storage, transportation and distribution of controlled products, all in one system.

Reduce write off and disposal costs to a minimum with better sell-by and use-by date visibility for every batch of products–including across multiple locations and various different sale units.

Help to manage price risks, at the same time ensuring long-term sales visibility with average price tracker contracts.

Improve what you offer your customers, with integrated Agronomy services–field history, crop planning, formulation, GIS precision analysis, fertilizer blending, reporting, and invoicing all in one system.

Financial tools to ensure farm bookkeeping is carried out efficiently and to best practices and guidelines.

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