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10 Reasons You Need Grain Management Software

10 Reasons You Need Grain Management Software

Agriculture, and particularly the grain sector, are fast-paced and challenging industries. With commodity prices constantly fluctuating, and weather dependencies, you must always keep your finger on the pulse. Furthermore, you need effective, integrated business solutions that combine all the information you need in one place to improve decision-making and enable successful commerce. Our Gold software solution helps you navigate the volatile grain market by simplifying and improving grain management processes. Here are 10 other reasons that you need grain management software.

1. Visibility

Grain markets and prices can move very quickly, meaning that it is critical to have access to precise, real-time data such as contract positions, stock levels, market valuation, and projections. Our grain management software, Gold, gathers all this information in one place, allowing you to see it clearly and track your current and forward grain prices against the daily changing market. This helps you to recognise the risks and opportunities and quickly decide whether you can commit to it. Placing and processing the subsequent contracts ensures accuracy and is fast and easy, with Gold.

2. Traceability / Legal Compliance

As a grain trader, you will know that grain quality is a critical component of the entire value chain for producing, storing, processing, and ultimately supplying a high-quality product to consumers. Information such as any nutrients added to the soil, exact crop growth locations, how and when crops were transported, where they were taken to, and all storage conditions, as well as important lab test results are very important. Of course, if industry or government regulatory bodies need to investigate something about your grain, they’ll need all this information. This necessitates complete transparency and accurate record-keeping throughout the production process. Specialist software, such as Gold, can help your company become fully compliant by improving traceability and audit processes.

3. Integration and Automation

Reduced downtime, inefficiency, and increased productivity are all important components of increasing a company’s resilience. Data sharing, as well as important procedures such as receipting and billing, can be automated to save time in administration. You can ensure that all these systems, from manufacturing to storage to transportation, are integrated smoothly with the right specialized software and support.

4. Effective Contract Management

Contract gaps, missed opportunities, and the headaches that come with them add unnecessary roadblocks to the grain management process. By providing effective control over contract administration, the right software solution can eliminate these errors. It ensures accurate and consistent contract maintenance in a simple, intuitive, and efficient manner, allowing you to devote more time to other important processes. Information, such as grain quality, can also be accurately recorded and linked to shipping contracts to improve buying decisions based on accurate, consistent, and real time information.

5. Improve Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential in every industry. It is critical for maintaining and strengthening all your existing client relationships, as well as attracting new customers and increasing income. With our grain management solution, you can keep all your trade history details in one place. Our software also includes easy-to-create profiling to gather information on cropping, assurance, and key metrics. With the ability to monitor recent invoicing, view claims, and see account balances, the CRM puts you in control. Interaction with Golds laboratory functions ensure quality and sample information is always to hand and the ability to capture diary events ensures the whole business is aligned and able to share important conversations.

6. Improve Business Accuracy

Accuracy is critical in a fast-paced industry where information can be requested at any time by industry and governmental regulatory bodies. Improving the accuracy of your business processes also helps to strengthen customer relationships and ensures contractual agreements are adhered to. Accuracy can be ensured by using grain management software such as Gold. By automatically pricing movements and applying adjustments, additions, and deductions based on actual analysis and contractual terms, gold improves invoicing and self-billing accuracy, which in turn helps to reduce administration costs.

7. Manage Risks

Gold’s feature-rich and user-friendly functionality enables improved business performance, which leads to increased control, accuracy, audit and, as a result, reduced risks. Tracking daily deals against your positions and futures trades ensures exposures are managed and visible to your traders. Users also have the ability to monitor complex grower contracts to assist growers in managing risks and securing the best prices for their products while preserving supply and price transparency for the end customer.

8. Improve Your Communication

Gold’s diary functionality, which ensures that any event, internal notification, task, or call is recorded centrally and accessible by any individual within the organization, can improve communication throughout the business. Integration with emails also allows for the rapid and efficient distribution of documents, lowering costs and improving ability to transfer important documentation when needed.

9. Highly Configurable

Every grain business is different, and different aspects of their operations may benefit from automation. Our grain management software does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution. It is designed in a modular manner, making it highly configurable and scalable. In addition to the features mentioned above, our grain management software offers position management, grain marketing and pools, stock management, a self-service portal, business-to-business integration, and weighbridge integration. This means that our software can be tailored specifically to the needs of your company, making it extremely effective.

10. Future Proof Your Business

The technical environments in which we operate are constantly changing with disruptive technologies and online solutions on offer. Implementing a useful software solution, such as Gold, now, gives you the opportunity to increase your familiarity and capability with technology, ensuring that you do not fall behind the technological curve. Starting now will not only carry you into the future but secure your place there.

Operating a core line of business application remains paramount to delivering success. Gold software excels here through its ability to meet the market demands. This is clearly illustrated by the millions of tonnes traded annually by multiple key players using Gold as their central solution. Gold’s online footprint is delivering value and solutions for traders, suppliers, and customers. Our strong research and development team ensure that our customers leverage the best that the web has to offer, with the strong and stable backing that only Gold can deliver.

If you recognise the benefits of adopting a grain management software solution such as Gold, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and learn more at primetics@cultruatech.com.