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This is the time of year where millers have got to be all systems go. Agribusinesses that have livestock still need to feed them, but the grass is dying or dead. They need you and your customised grain formulae to keep livestock healthy and producing. It is essential for millers to be streamlined, efficient and running in a way that allows you to make the most of this lucrative period while keeping your costs down.

Spreadsheets and non-specialised software are currently used to manage the various areas of feed production, but have you ever thought that things could be better? Specialised feed management software is designed to make sure your feed production, trading and administration are as simple and efficient as possible.


There is so much information that must be recorded about your feed, from the ingredients (including vital medication information), to where it was stored and so much more. The easy recording and accessibility of this data are essential, both for your production and trading, as well as compliance with regulations. It is further complicated by the fact that most batches produced are done so to a customised formulation.

Centralising your data is essential to effective traceability. Spreadsheets are not well-equipped to provide this – a specialised feed software suite could make a real difference. If a customer wants to know where a particular ingredient came from, instead of struggling with multiple spreadsheets to try and track down a particular order, specialised software will allow you to search through the entire system, from any computer, and find it in a few seconds. Regulatory compliance is absolutely vital to all aspects of animal feed production and traceability since effective traceability will ensure that you can comply with any and all investigations by government/industry bodies.

With a complex and evolving number of regulations to comply with, such as accurate labelling and much more, it is essential to be able to effectively record, manage, access, and analyse data. This is particularly important when it comes to production, and empowering staff with easy access to information allows them to ensure the accuracy and quality of animal feed management.


It’s important to have good customer relationship management because the feed industry is all about identifying opportunities at the right times. Keeping a record of customers and their orders means that, even if they haven’t come to you, you can pitch to them again and see if they need any more feed at specific times.

Customers have exact requirements for feed formulas, which sales staff need access to in order to secure a sale and production can then utilise for processing. Knowledge of previous orders, such as a variant in sheep feed depending on the age of the sheep (something which is becoming more and more common), can support the marketing and sales processes of your team, displaying to customers a sound understanding of their requirements. Enabling sales and marketing teams with this data helps to build those vital customer relationships which support repeat sales year after year, and ensure your team are there at the right time.

Easily accessible data around customer formula requirements also supports effective procurement and production processes. Teams can predict what ingredients might be required and when for, and what is already in stock. Storing this data in a centralised system helps to manage ordering and production to ensure there is no downtime and that deadlines can be met.

The all-in-one nature of specialised feed management software means that you can integrate your vital business systems to make sure that processes are smooth and effective.

How Primetics can help

Primetics specialist feed management solutions provide numerous productivity benefits, streamlining processes across your business, no matter how many sites you have. All stages of production can be monitored by the end-to-end management and control systems enabling you to make improvements, as well as to prevent production downtime.

Gold Feed also enables total traceability of all substances and batches, even after delivery. All product information can be shared between departments, ensuring less production downtime and fewer mistakes. With Gold Feed it is easy to manage your long-term purchasing and supply contracts because there is immediate visibility of recorded feed formulations for any repeat production runs. The delivery of any raw materials can also be planned just in time to deal with storage limitations.

If you’d like to know more about Gold Feed and how it can help your business, then please get in touch with us on 01257 257 811 or email primetics@culturatech.com today.