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10 Reasons You Need Feed Management Software

10 Reasons You Need Feed Management Software

A Feed Management Software, such as Gold Feed, can be extremely beneficial to your operation by maximizing production efficiency and productivity through a centralised system that holds all your important data in one place. This isn’t it though, there are many other reasons that feed management software is the way forward. Here are 10 reasons you need a feed management software in your business, like Gold.

1. Improve Mill Performance

Custom formulas often account for a major portion of animal feed orders. This means that livestock and animal feed management and formulations professionals must strike a balance between making the most of mill production time and efficiencies in transport, while also precisely creating the right amount of specific rations for each customer at the right time.

Gold Feed uses cutting-edge technology to help you track performance and increase mill productivity by utilising precise, real-time production data from Mill Process Control. To get beyond the limitations of on-site storage, our feed management software can also plan just-in-time supplies of raw materials to your mill.

2. Centralised Management of All Processes

Maintaining production throughout is a continuous challenge, as all mill managers are aware, otherwise the competitor will gain an advantage should there be interruption or poor quality output. Not to mention the fact that if production ceases, your profitability ceases as well. You can help reduce production disruptions to a minimum with Gold Feed’s visibility and control on key production elements like supply of raw materials, available inventory, and forward orders visibility. An effective workflow system allows you to see and control all your production processes in one location, allowing you to spot any possible problems early on. You can also use one platform to confirm and trigger orders, as well as monitor ingredient use, production volumes, labelling, shipping, and more.

3. Multi-location Capabilities

Whether your feed business operates across single or multiple sites, the configurability of our feed management software means that it can meet these business requirements of local or centralised sales order processing and purchasing. The multi-mill functionality of Gold Feed provides stock control and visibility of raw material requirement consolidated across locations or at individual locations allowing you to see the entire process clearly and with full visibility.

4. Improved Procurement Accuracy

Accuracy is critical for any organisation. It ensures your orders are correct and preserves a strong reputation which builds positive customer relationships. Gold Feed can break down feed orders into the specific ingredients required for production in a simple and straightforward manner. This information is then automatically provided to the purchasing department, allowing for the efficient sourcing of raw materials.

5. Improved Operational Efficiency

Feed management software automates many of the processes involved in animal feed management such as contract management, inventory control, loading and unloading, and much more. Automating these processes reduces the time spent on these tasks while maximising accuracy. This means your overall operational efficiency is increased. For example, recorded feed formulas are available, to provide production plans and raw material breakdown, saving time and effort in the production process.

6. Total Traceability

Producers of feed must guarantee that they adhere to all food safety and traceability regulations. The feed industry’s continuously evolving and increasingly rigorous requirements, for all management and control systems, are embraced and accommodated by our feed management software, Gold Feed. Gold Feed includes tools for managing and proving additive and micro ingredient compliance and collaborating with producers, nutritionists, and customers. You can obtain complete traceability for all controlled or licenced substances by tracking which batches of feed are affected, even after they have been supplied to the customer.

7. Reduced Administration

With so much data to manage, such as individual customer orders and maintaining the proper nutritional declaration, reducing time on administration allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Real-time product movements are captured through Gold Feed’s interface with process control applications and weighbridges, immediately decreasing the amount of manual administration and data entry required.

8. Improved Communication

Effective communication is critical in an industry where the supply of product can often be on a just in time basis and needs to meet with key nutritional requirements. With Gold Feed’s built-in customer relationship management, you can strengthen your relationships with suppliers and customers by having quick access to reliable, centralised data. With Gold Feed’s user-configurable segmentation and classification of customers and suppliers, it is possible to maintain clear and effective communication.

9. Storage and Shipping Support

Primetics software helps you to successfully manage the storage and transportation of your raw materials and feed, after it has been produced. With Gold Feed, you can keep track of what stock you have and where it is was sourced and then delivered. This ensures you have traceability while also streamlining your operations to help your feed mill run more efficiently.

10. Configurability

Your feed business is unique and has its own way of operating. At Primetics, we know this and make our software configurable so that you can adapt it to suit your mill and how it functions. This enables you to get the most out of our software and be as productive and profitable as possible. What’s more, the software is extremely user-friendly, making it even easier for you to adapt to change, all while managing your agribusiness, maximising margins, improving customer experience, and reducing costs.

If you recognise the benefits of a feed management software, such as Gold Feed, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at primetics@culturatech.com.

10 Reasons You Need Grain Management Software

10 Reasons You Need Grain Management Software

Agriculture, and particularly the grain sector, are fast-paced and challenging industries. With commodity prices constantly fluctuating, and weather dependencies, you must always keep your finger on the pulse. Furthermore, you need effective, integrated business solutions that combine all the information you need in one place to improve decision-making and enable successful commerce. Our Gold software solution helps you navigate the volatile grain market by simplifying and improving grain management processes. Here are 10 other reasons that you need grain management software.

1. Visibility

Grain markets and prices can move very quickly, meaning that it is critical to have access to precise, real-time data such as contract positions, stock levels, market valuation, and projections. Our grain management software, Gold, gathers all this information in one place, allowing you to see it clearly and track your current and forward grain prices against the daily changing market. This helps you to recognise the risks and opportunities and quickly decide whether you can commit to it. Placing and processing the subsequent contracts ensures accuracy and is fast and easy, with Gold.

2. Traceability / Legal Compliance

As a grain trader, you will know that grain quality is a critical component of the entire value chain for producing, storing, processing, and ultimately supplying a high-quality product to consumers. Information such as any nutrients added to the soil, exact crop growth locations, how and when crops were transported, where they were taken to, and all storage conditions, as well as important lab test results are very important. Of course, if industry or government regulatory bodies need to investigate something about your grain, they’ll need all this information. This necessitates complete transparency and accurate record-keeping throughout the production process. Specialist software, such as Gold, can help your company become fully compliant by improving traceability and audit processes.

3. Integration and Automation

Reduced downtime, inefficiency, and increased productivity are all important components of increasing a company’s resilience. Data sharing, as well as important procedures such as receipting and billing, can be automated to save time in administration. You can ensure that all these systems, from manufacturing to storage to transportation, are integrated smoothly with the right specialized software and support.

4. Effective Contract Management

Contract gaps, missed opportunities, and the headaches that come with them add unnecessary roadblocks to the grain management process. By providing effective control over contract administration, the right software solution can eliminate these errors. It ensures accurate and consistent contract maintenance in a simple, intuitive, and efficient manner, allowing you to devote more time to other important processes. Information, such as grain quality, can also be accurately recorded and linked to shipping contracts to improve buying decisions based on accurate, consistent, and real time information.

5. Improve Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential in every industry. It is critical for maintaining and strengthening all your existing client relationships, as well as attracting new customers and increasing income. With our grain management solution, you can keep all your trade history details in one place. Our software also includes easy-to-create profiling to gather information on cropping, assurance, and key metrics. With the ability to monitor recent invoicing, view claims, and see account balances, the CRM puts you in control. Interaction with Golds laboratory functions ensure quality and sample information is always to hand and the ability to capture diary events ensures the whole business is aligned and able to share important conversations.

6. Improve Business Accuracy

Accuracy is critical in a fast-paced industry where information can be requested at any time by industry and governmental regulatory bodies. Improving the accuracy of your business processes also helps to strengthen customer relationships and ensures contractual agreements are adhered to. Accuracy can be ensured by using grain management software such as Gold. By automatically pricing movements and applying adjustments, additions, and deductions based on actual analysis and contractual terms, gold improves invoicing and self-billing accuracy, which in turn helps to reduce administration costs.

7. Manage Risks

Gold’s feature-rich and user-friendly functionality enables improved business performance, which leads to increased control, accuracy, audit and, as a result, reduced risks. Tracking daily deals against your positions and futures trades ensures exposures are managed and visible to your traders. Users also have the ability to monitor complex grower contracts to assist growers in managing risks and securing the best prices for their products while preserving supply and price transparency for the end customer.

8. Improve Your Communication

Gold’s diary functionality, which ensures that any event, internal notification, task, or call is recorded centrally and accessible by any individual within the organization, can improve communication throughout the business. Integration with emails also allows for the rapid and efficient distribution of documents, lowering costs and improving ability to transfer important documentation when needed.

9. Highly Configurable

Every grain business is different, and different aspects of their operations may benefit from automation. Our grain management software does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution. It is designed in a modular manner, making it highly configurable and scalable. In addition to the features mentioned above, our grain management software offers position management, grain marketing and pools, stock management, a self-service portal, business-to-business integration, and weighbridge integration. This means that our software can be tailored specifically to the needs of your company, making it extremely effective.

10. Future Proof Your Business

The technical environments in which we operate are constantly changing with disruptive technologies and online solutions on offer. Implementing a useful software solution, such as Gold, now, gives you the opportunity to increase your familiarity and capability with technology, ensuring that you do not fall behind the technological curve. Starting now will not only carry you into the future but secure your place there.

Operating a core line of business application remains paramount to delivering success. Gold software excels here through its ability to meet the market demands. This is clearly illustrated by the millions of tonnes traded annually by multiple key players using Gold as their central solution. Gold’s online footprint is delivering value and solutions for traders, suppliers, and customers. Our strong research and development team ensure that our customers leverage the best that the web has to offer, with the strong and stable backing that only Gold can deliver.

If you recognise the benefits of adopting a grain management software solution such as Gold, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and learn more at primetics@cultruatech.com.

Transform your Agribusiness: Document Transmission Preferences

Transform your Agribusiness: Document Transmission Preferences

Your company has a complicated mix of customers and suppliers, whether it’s big, small, or growing. Giving these consumers and suppliers the relevant information at the right time leads to increased productivity and engagement. When a company has a large amount of document types, such as invoices and orders, the ability to distribute them efficiently is crucial to minimise unnecessary labour, postage, and other resource expenses.

Primetics Document Transmission Preferences (DTP) module is available for integration to our industry leading products Gold and Generation and allows users to transform their agribusiness by allowing them to customise how information is made available to their customers.

Document transmission process without DTP


 The process of document transmission typically begins with a user printing a batch of documents, often containing hundreds of pages. While there are numerous factors that influence the cost of printing, the simple reality is that printing costs money. These costs quickly rack up for a company that produces a lot of documentation.

These printed pages are typically sorted into the various customers and/or suppliers, by hand, to ensure that the correct documents are provided to the appropriate recipients. This can be a time-consuming and arduous process for employees who could be working on other vital business operations that would boost productivity. Manually sorting and classifying papers likewise relies on workers making as few mistakes as possible.

After the documents have been separated, they are stapled and enclosed. Hard copies of documents including printed contracts, order confirmation, goods receipts, dispatch notes, hauler, customer / supplier notification, and invoices are then mailed.

Document transmission process with DTP


With the Document Transmission Preferences module, documents are transferred electronically, immediately saving on the costs of printing hundreds of pages. With real-time, dynamic document branding, the module also supports product-based, and even site-specific branding so that your business can continue to create customer-facing documents that reflect your business identity.

Our Document Transmission Preferences module is also customer-centric, with the capability to customise configurations based on your preferences, ensuring that the way you categorise, schedule, and transmit documents is best suited to your company. Keeping track of several items can consume time that would otherwise be spent on more important business activities. Furthermore, centralised data transmission increases your customer service immediately. Using the Inteletrade web portal, clients can be updated about new documents available on your portal in more direct ways, such as SMS or email notifications, improving the effectiveness of customer communication. This reduces the likelihood of documents being misplaced in their email inbox or lost in the mail.

Document Transmission Preferences allows Gold and Generation users to skip the laborious processes involved in the mailing of documents. Instead, they can transmit single or multiple document attachments per email, as well as execute document merging and include supplementary documents like conditions and agreements.

Catering for numerous recipients guarantees that the right people get the right information at the right time, saving time and effort in discussing a document. Instead of scanning, printing, stapling, wrapping, and posting, you can focus your limited resources and time on other critical aspects of your organisation by automating document transfer.

If you recognise the benefits of the Document Transmission preferences module alongside your existing Gold or Generation software and would like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at primetics@culturatech.com.

5 Things That COVID-19 Taught Us About Document Storage

5 Things That COVID-19 Taught Us About Document Storage

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the business landscape, with workplaces utilising new technologies to stay connected to colleagues and access work files while away from the office. However, many businesses were unprepared for the pandemic, separated from important paperwork that was stored in physical on-site storage. When the office can be brought online via software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, why leave document storage behind?

Here are 5 things the COVID-19 pandemic taught us about online document storage.

1. Digital Storage is Secure

Many businesses were caught off guard by COVID-19’s unexpected arrival. People had difficulty accessing business critical documents that were physically stored in inaccessible workplaces, due to COVID-19 restrictions. It became clear that businesses needed to provide access to documents for all members of their team who worked from home.

The solution was straightforward, and it lay in online document storage solutions, such as DocStore. DocStore eliminates the need for document hard copies. Instead, digital documents can be accessed online from anywhere. This does not result in lowered security. With flexible and secure control measures, you can create restricted and authorised access so that certain people have access to certain documents. This means that your sensitive, business critical documents are protected.

Secure Document Storage

2. Digital Storage is Space Saving

Document Storage Space

This benefit may appear minor to some, but physical paperwork storage in an office can take up a lot of space. Every year, the average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper. With a large number of employees in the workplace, this amount can grow exponentially, taking up a lot of space in the office. Furthermore, employees working from home may not have the space for such a quantity of paperwork.

Moving documents online frees up a lot of office space, allowing you to repurpose entire rooms that were previously used solely for document storage. Also, the costs of on-site and off-site storage, paper, printing, and scanning are eliminated, allowing you to save money or invest in more important aspects of your business.

3. Digital Storage Saves Time and Improves Productivity

Accessing important documents quickly and effectively is critical in time-sensitive workplace situations. This is a difficult task to accomplish in an office setting where files upon files of paperwork make finding specific documents a time-consuming task. Furthermore, home workers don’t have the ability to access physical documents stored in the office and so time completing potentially important tasks is lost.

Throughout the pandemic, studies revealed that 65% of workers felt more productive at a home office rather than a work office. Online solutions speed up and simplify procedures like virtual meetings, email exchanges, and document retrieval. In DocStore, documents can be quickly retrieved using keyword searches and one-click document retrieval. Even better, you don’t have to spend your saved time uploading documents online. Moving documents online has never been faster, easier, or less stressful, thanks to quick scan capabilities that accelerate document capture, tagging, and storage processing times.

Furthermore, in DocStore, users have the ability to link documents according to particular subjects. For example, orders, invoices, and samples. This makes document retrieval extremely easy and, most importantly, quick! Ultimately, an online document storage system, that speeds up and simplifies scanning and retrieval, frees up workers’ time for more important tasks, resulting in increased productivity.


4. Digital Storage is Convenient and Contact Free

With our solution DocStore, users can transmit single, multiple, and third-party documents with the ability to even schedule the electronic transmission of documents. This feature has been particularly pertinent throughout the pandemic with most of the country working from home. The hassle-free transmission of documents online kept business processes flowing quickly and easily, while keeping staff safe from the spread of COVID-19.  Storing documents in an online solution limits the number of people touching a physical copy and thus limits the risk of transmitting the virus. As hygiene becomes a key focus of workplaces moving forward, digital document storage is a great way to remove the risk of transmission and ease staff anxiety surrounding the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

5. The Future is Unpredictable

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the future is unpredictable. It is difficult to predict what will occur, when it will occur, and how it will impact your business. According to one study, 73% of all departments will have remote workers by 2028, with 57% of employees wanting to continue working from home.

With many people envisioning a future as home workers, online document storage becomes a necessity rather than a preference. Having a well-integrated document storage system not only saves time, effort, and increases productivity, it secures the future of your business.

Our online document storage solutions, Doc Store, can be fully integrated with our existing software solutions Gold and Generation. Paired with the improved services offered by Gold and Generation, the timeliness and productivity of all your business operations is continually improved with DocStore. Saving you time and effort during busy periods, such as harvest.

If you recognise the benefits of online document storage and would like to speak to us about our solution, DocStore, feel free to get in touch with us at primetics@culturatech.com.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Over more than 40 years, Primetics has grown to become the UK’s leading provider of Agribusiness and Commodity Trading software. Everything we do at Primetics is guided by our mission and values to ensure that we run a company that people want to work for and work with. Read more about our mission and values below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership with agribusinesses to support them in feeding the nation.

At Primetics, we provide our customers with innovative software solutions that play critical roles in the food supply chain. We combine our years of industry knowledge with our passion for the agricultural industry to solve challenges and develop solutions. With our systems controlling over 70% of UK Harvest and 60% of Seed production, our dedicated teams of experts continue to deliver daily value by making our customers more successful through reduced costs and increased efficiency. We are fully committed to our mission and strive to continue providing excellent service to our customers while adding value to their businesses.

Our Values

Our values shape our company and ensure that we continue to operate in a way that best allows us to execute our mission. Our values are:

  • Be One – We are one, a close-knit team of strong, like-minded individuals who are all united by a clear common mission that we never lose sight of. Our collaborations are a team effort that combine the voices of many industry experts to ensure that all voices are heard and considered. This allows us to collaborate effectively and continue to provide industry-leading software solutions that serve the needs of our customers.
  • Be You – We are open and honest, and we encourage our people to be their authentic selves. We recognise that successful businesses rely on a successful workforce, so we invest in our people who can chart their own career paths, allowing them to reach their full potential. With an authentic and united team, Primetics can continue to provide industry-leading solutions that benefit our customers. 
  • Be Empowered – We work in a trusted environment where each team member is empowered to have their own voice. Our team has the freedom to make their own decisions and take personal responsibility for keeping promises to other team members as well as our customers. Our customers regard us as a reliable and knowledgeable partner.
  • Be Proud – We are proud to play a role in developing the agricultural industry for the benefit of all involved. Customer collaboration is crucial, and so we focus on building relationships for life with our customers. We know that by getting to know our customers, we can help to make their lives easier and produce work that the entire team takes enormous pride in. 
  • Be Innovative – We are constantly evolving and growing by embracing new technologies and remaining committed to research and innovation. We work openly with our customers to understand their needs and how our software solutions can help them. We also recognise that great teams are essential to innovation, so we invest in our people to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality, cutting-edge solutions.

If you feel that our values are aligned with your own and think that there is potential for us to work together, get in touch with us now on 01257 279 811 or at primetics@culturatech.com